Except N's a lazy bitch, and will do them all at once. Taken from nicowafer's Tumblr. Since this was pretty much for characters played, I am doing this from Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, and Edward Nygma/The Riddler.

HEY RPERS, what if I started a meme. It’s a simple meme. You answer one question every day for thirty days, and by the end of it, you hopefully learn even more about your character and become a better roleplayer because of it! 8Dc Y’all should totes spread this around.

Here’s the list.

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Funness! ^ ^

We had so much fun in Young Men.Young Women's today. Okay, we had this weird dinner thing where we went to the houses of different people in our ward for each part of the meal. At each house, after everyone ate whatever (bread at one, salad at another, juice at a third, etc.), the owner of the house would give us one of the seven values (faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, and integrity) and tell us what it meant. We all spent about five minutes per house, but it was fun anyway.

Throughout the whole time, Nick was my slave. He told me he was, so fine. :p Nick is fun. ^ ^ He did everything I told him to. If I said sit, he sat. If I told him to stand, he stood, haha. We talked about a lot of stuff in the car: dragons, sketches, Batman episodes (he has not seen them but enjoys hearing about them), then random stuff I cannot remember. :p

So that was fun. ^ ^



Finals Day 1

I survived! ^ ^ Well...I had all the easy tests today, but anyway...to start off, there was art. I may actually force myself into another art class next year just to take the final, because it's so much fun, and we can do whatever we darn well please. Okay, the first part of the final was a written (we had to use art vocabulary termas and tell about what we learned this year, the projects, painting techniques, color schemes, etc.), which did not take too long, and then the fun part: the drawing part of the exam. For this part, Ms. Williams will put a random shape on the board. The shape is different every year, but basically it is a posterboard square with random pices cut out of it, so some parts look like circles are missing, other parts look all geometric, and others look to weird to describe. Our task is to look at the shape and make something out of it (I should scan what I did two years ago, but anyway...).

This year, when she but it on the overhead, I thought it looked like the bottom of Morticia Addams's skirt with some sort of hooded figure over it (would have made a slightly interesting N pic. Sort of), but then she turneed it to the side, and mentally, I was like, "No, you ruined it for me!" (even though I knew I could simply draw the shape and turn it to the side, but anyway...)---and then I looked at it again and I was like, "!!!" because it looked a lot like Lock, Shock, and Barrel's tree house! So guess what I drew? :p It is not the exact tree house, but it is a similar one. Unfortunately, I only had the main sketch in when the bell rang, but Ms. Williams said they cold be turned in at the end of the day if need be, so ^ ^ for her.

Next was Aerobics, where we had an eight question written involving the exercises we did, our measurements, what liked and did not like about the class, heartrate checks,a dn junk like that, which only took about half an hour. Afterward, we had a food day (lots of brownies. Mmmm). And with all food days in Aerobics, there is a movie ("Dodgeball" this time). I brought in NMBC and Edward Scissorhands in hopes of watching something decent for once. About a third of the class wanted Edward Scissorhands, but the majority ruled Dodgeball, which I avoided because I hear it has some offending content in it. Oh, woe is me, condemned to the corner with a Linkin Park CD and a chance to concentrate on my art final! :p There was enough light for me to get my shades and tones in,a nd by the time the bell rang for the third (and final) hour, all it needed was color (color is a major part of the final).

So then we go through American History and turn in our studay packets (and luck have it all of our test questions are almost exactly alike :p). I went though, checking my answers as I went, and turned it in with over an hour to do my project. I colored it, and decided if I had enough time, I would put Nightmare in it somewhere. And I had time. ^ ^

So the bell rings, I rush to get stuff from my locker, put stuff away, take stuff out, etc. etxc. then rush to just outside the art room where Ms. Williams sells ice cream everyday after school. So I handed it to her, she looks at it, awes, "wow! This is so you!" ^ ^ So I go and put it on her desk (and fix a few places on N), then I went out and talked to Ms. Williams. I hate her in class; out of class, she's really cool. And then I showed her this sketch from my notebook:

She looked at it, and was like, "Wow!" ^ ^ She likes the positon Batman is in, especially how he is looking at Nightmare and Jonathan. And then she told me my work was going to get me into college, to which I replied, "And if it does not, then my acting skills will." :p

Then she indicated to the ice cream cart, and I told her I would buy some if I had any money. I am poor. :p But she let me have one anyway. ^ ^ Like I said, out of class she is cool. Shh...it is our little secret. ;) I told her to consider it an early Christmas present. She told me I could have it simply because I show her all my art all the time. ^ ^ Whoot! I chose a chocolate eclair. Mmm. Yummy. ^ ^

So that was my day. All my easy finals...Intermediate Composition and geometry tomorrow...joy. Oh well. I end the day with Ms. Breyer. ^ ^


-HQ and N

Thefted This From HL's Journal

1) State your FULL name: Anniqa. The rest is confidential.
2) How old are you? 16. And a half.
3) What are you most interested in? Fiction.
4) What's your favorite movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas! ^^
5) Insert an inside joke and don't explain it: Pineapples! ;D
6) What's your hidden talent? I can smile. :p (no one ever sees it, haha)
7) If you could have any roomate for 24 hours, whom would it be? HL.
8) Name one thing you don't think people know about you? I am good at hiding depression.
9) Tell us a collection you have. Nightmare Before Christmasd memorbilia, snow globes, Jharls (and recently now Scarecrow) stuff. :p
10) What is your sign, baby? Pisces
11) What's the one thing that you can't get enough of? HL.
12) What's the last book you read? A Sereis of Unfortunate Events Book the Third: The Wide Window.
13) If you could have one super-power, what would it be? Making my enemies' worst fears come to life before their eyes.
14) What's something you can't get to sleep without? a paryer (usually) and going through role play material.
15) If you could be transported into any imaginary place, which one would you choose? Depending on my mood, Gotham City or Halloween Town. Or in the little world inside my head...
16) In terms of voice acting, who has the most recognizable voice for you? Mark Hamill, Arleen Sorkin, anyone in NMBC (:p).


Randomly Taking a Quiz...

If you lived at the X-Mansion by tigerlilygamgee
Your Code Name
Your Mutant PowerTime Travel
Your RoommateCyclops
Your Costume ColorsBlack & Red
You Will DateChamber
You Will Fight WithPhoenix
Your Best Friend Will BeCecilia Reyes
You Will Be Betrayed ByCyclops
Your Arch Rival Will BeMagneto
Your Number of Missions Will Be39
The Percentage of Successful Ones Is: 68%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I am not really into X-Men, but I thought my results were interesting---especially the bit about a black and red outfit. ^ ^


Yeah, same ol, same ol. :p Get up early, go to Seminary (^ ^ Sis Taylor brought us doughnuts as part of the lesson), go to school, survive, walk home with Shock1 and her group of friends, go home.

Well...haha, I drove Kevin nuts after school. He had drama practice, and I would NOT let him go. I was all like, "Don't leave me! Don't leave me!" and he was all trying to get out of my arms.

"But I have to go to drama practice!"

"I'm kidnapping you."


"You've been going all year!"

"The year just started!"

"Okay, for the year so far!"

It was funny. I had his arm, and he was trying to get me off, and he was grabbing onto doors, doorframes, chairs, etc. And then he pulled towards the dressing rooms, but I had his arm in the doorway just before the dressing rooms and I was pulling one way and he was pulling the other. And this guy, Lee, (I know him) came over and was like, "What are you guys doing?"

"I'm kidnapping him."

Lee clearly did not hear me, because he asked Kevin, "No, I mean, what is SHE doing."

"She's trying to kidnap me!"

And Lee was like, "Oh. Okay." haha. A lot of people are familiar with me and Kevin and our strange actions. And then he pushed Kev out of the doorframe and towards me and pushed his back so he went with me, and Kevin was like, "Evil!"

And so he finally gives in and walks me to the exit, and we hug (I did not let go, haha), and he insists he has to go to practice, and I am like, "But Puddin'!" :p And then I decided to end my playtime (I did not want him in trouble), hugged him one last time and went home.

And so I see this girl named Cassidy (I know her too) and we talk about art, Kevin, and bands (we are both ex-N*Sync fans and both of us agree that a lot of today's music is trash. And we both like Linkin Park [recent develpment for me]), then her mom came and picked her up. So I walk home and see Shock1 and her friends up ahead, so I run to cath up. We walk, I do not say much, we get to her house, and I find out (on the way) that she and Lee are together. Well, I much prefer Lee over Kyle. I actually know him.

Anyway, we get to her house (it is on a corner) and she and Lee make out while the rest of us talk (or in my case, stand around). One of her friends (a guy---the only one besides Lee) broke another friends' watch and spent a few minutes trying to fix it. I took it and within aout thirty seconds put it back together. My long nails were able to hold this one piece down while I snapped it in place.

So anyway, it is around 3:30 pm, and one of the frinds' dads came. He pulled up by the house and her friend walked. Her dad is clearly abusive. He did not hit her as far as I could tell, but he was yelling at her about being late coming home. This carried on for five to ten minutes, before she got out of the car and started to walk home. The boy and the other girl went with her, and her dad followed to make sure they went straight home.

Shock1 and Lee made out a bit longer, before her counselor came, and Lee went home or waited, Shock1 and hr counselor (Anita) went in another direction, and I went home.

From there, I listened to the radio and played with Sia. (o.O I do not usually listen to the radio. :p If it becomes a habit, worry.) And from there on, I helped my mom a little, avoided dinner (leftover pancakes from yesterday that were not good to begin with), listened to "Numb" by Linkin Park a few times on this tape I recorded off the radio over the weekend...speaking of which, I need to ask Nicpac if she burned that CD for me. I hope it has "In the End" on it...

Anyway, just little o' me, siting here and doing nothing.


The Last Days of This Week...

Okay, so nothing much happened. I got out of my gloom (mostly, anyway),and I feel better. Yesterday some guy called me a b---h, so I chased him until his Sprite fell out of his pocket and I took it. Shock1 made me give it back though---after he swore he would never call me that again.

Whatever. Anyway, I did not see much of Kev today. I finally saw him after school. He walked me part of the way home (^ ^) and carried me for part of it. And when he had to leave, we hugged, and I would not let go. I was all like, "I am kidnapping you. You are coming with me."

"No! People have trid that already."


And we hugged some more, lol. And he was all trying to pull away, and I would not let go.

"Harley, I need to go cause chaos!"

"Aww, Mistah J!"

It was funny. He could not get me off until I hinted that the Joker would push Harley off, so he gently pushed me and I let go and was like, "Pud-din'!"

"I love you, Harley!"

"I love you too!"

And then I headed home. There was this girl passing by who probably thought we were either a) weird or b) just your average crazy high school couple. I talked to her. She was a freshman and that is all I remember. :p

Anyway...nothing else going on, except I found some awesome pictures of Verona.


This one you have to scroll down, but it has a cool one of all three brides.


Awesome, no? ;)


All Better! ^ ^

Since my last entry a few hours ago, I have prayed, and I found a good verse in my scriptures, which, along with comfort from HL and SD, helped me a lot. The verse I found was in Doctrine and Covenants Section 46, verse 7. (I am a proud Mormon, and besides the Bible we have The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price.) D&C 46:7 goes as follows:

“But ye are commanded in all things to ask of God, who giveth liberally; and that which the Spirit testifies unto you even so I would that ye should do in all holiness of heart, before me, considering the end of your salvation, doing all things with prayer and thanksgiving, that ye may not be seduced by evil spirits, or doctrines of devils, or the commandments of men, and others of devils.”

Okay, in “The Gospel According to Harls” (meaning my opinion only and not to be taken officially), I take this verse to mean to ask God for help so that Satan and the rest of the world cannot get to you. The way I took it meant a lot to me earlier, and it still means that way to me. Bad feelings are one of Satan’s tools, which was one reason why I did not want to fall into them. If you feel bad about yourself, and of others, it is easier for Satan to tempt you into doing things that you would not normally do.

Beside the point, I am not one hundred percent tip-top, but I am doing much better than I was earlier. We went to this Seminary thing tonight, which was basically these guys telling us about college and telling about our Church colleges (Brigham Young University [BYU], BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, and...forgot the last one, but it was the only one sans “BYU” in the name). I do not know where I am going for college. I want to go someplace with various forms of art, and there was one I kind of had my eye in Pennsylvania, but we are poor (okay, not poor, but we are short enough on cash that I may not be able to go to some of the colleges I would like to go to), so I may have to settle for one of our state universities.

They made a bunch of jokes about the colleges (Only in BYU-Hawaii is the only college where you’ll hear “Haiki Luau” in thirty-two ways, your marriage proposal is based on how many cows you have, and the dismissal is “Surf’s up!,” only in BYU-Idaho you can ski for nine months because the other three are too cold, and only in BYU you can get a four-year degree in eight short years), but told us all the benefits and stuff they offered. And showed some funky videos (They had a mockery of MasterCard. “New backpack---$25. Your share of pizza---$3. Making friends that last a lifetime---priceless. BYU. [insert slogan that I cannot remember here]. Some restrictions may apply.)

There is also a course called Institute (more advanced Seminary is how I can best put it), which I hear can help your tuition costs if you take it. They made fun of that too. (Only in Institution is “So what’s your calling?” a pick-up line and where root beer floats is one of the four food groups.) It is worth going to these things. It’s like EFY (Especially For Youth). They make things funny so you are actually interested. ^ ^

Anyway, I got to drive most of the way to this gathering. ^ ^ It was fun. And my parents know my instructor taught me well, though I drive kind of slow, so I had to pull over when we were getting into heavier traffic. Still fun. ^ ^

So yeah. I am better now. I feel content with my feelings at this current moment.

-HQ and N

9/11 and Cheerios

For those of you who are wondering, HL and I took over Cheerios last weekend. And we made them even more cheerful. ^ ^

Now moving onto September 11...three things for me to remember:

1)The Day of Remembrance. I remember the day it happened. I was in school. In my...history class with Ms. Paige if I remember correctly. I think there was some message on the intercom that I ignored. I knew something had happened, though. I remember the flag was at half staff when I left school. I went home with Nicpac that day, because my parents were in the hospital, which will lead to Reason 2 in a minute. We got to her house, and her brother, Justin, was watching the news. He called us over, and it showed a camera’s view of the plane hitting the towers. It reran a few times (I guess for people who were just tuning in and so the news people could point out stuff), and some lady was screaming "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" over all the screams. (Note: I edited that so the Lord’s name would be taken in vain.) I do not remember my feelings. I think they were mixed. I remember they were bad feelings. I was all like, "This happened today?!" I always was slow to get things going on in the world, including fashion, the hottest stars, and 9/11. 9/11 took a while to fully sink in and for me to snap into realization of what had happened.

2) My brother, Plus, was born on 9/11. He turned three on Saturday. He had a very good birthday (even our parents were gone for most of the day). I remember Nicpac’s mom got a call from the hospital, and I got to see Plus for the first time that afternoon. Mom calls him our September 11 blessing. But a little random information: my dad always wanted a 9/11 baby. But we never counted on terrorists, so even if they decided to attack on...September 12, or December 15, or April 29, par se, Plus would have been born on 9/11 anyway.

3) This one is probably not really important to anyone but me and my friends, but it was the Joker and Harley Quinn’s anniversary. When Batman: The Animated Series aired for the first time in 1992, on September 11, the episode "Joker’s Favor" played, bringing both the Joker and Batman’s newest enemy, Harley Quinn, into the series. ^ ^ And Harley quickly became a very popular character. ^ ^

So those are my three reasons...we did not really do much for 9/11. My parents were working at the Air Force Academy to help raise money to pay for things like Girl’s Camp and Boy Scout Camp. In that time, my siblings sat brain dead, watching cartoons most of the day while I, when I woke up (7-ish, because my parents got me up to babysit so they could go to the game) was on the computer. While I was waiting for this new Batman series, "The Batman" (I will give my opinions and reviews and junk in a minute), I actually worked on my book. ^ ^

I am on Chapter 9 of 12 (according to my current layout, which may be either reduced back to 11 chapters or bumped up to 13 chapters in the near future). Chapter 8 could be done, but I want to place a...poem (;)) into it, but I need to be in a poetic mood to do that. But Chapter 9 is awesome so far. I am tormenting my dear Phoebe with yet another nightmare...

Anyway, I thought it was going to come on at 8:30. HL said it would be on at 10:30 her time. Well, either the ads on TV were wrong or the cable company finds humor in messing with time zones, because it came on at 9:30, a whole hour later. :p I freaked out when I some other show in the 8:30 slot on the TV Guide channel, which got me frantically searching for the stupid TV Guide, in which I relaxed because I did not miss it.

My previous opinions (the ones I had before I watched it) on "The Batman" were: "This is going to be stupid," "They ruined everything," "The character designs suck," and "Who ever heard of the Joker with a deep voice?" Now, I am going to give my review and then give my opinions after having watched it. All right, I do not remember everything (this was two days ago, and I am bad as far as journaling goes), but here’s what I got:

It started with this really weird theme song, showing random clips of the Batman beating up whatever enemy. When the show actually started, it showed this gang group together. I think two of them were trying to beat up a third. Anyway, Batman comes and takes out two of the thugs, then corners the third, Rupert Thorne (the name sounded familiar, and then I remembered it is in this one comic I have with the Penguin in it...), who seemed to be the mob boss. After the Batman took out the first two guys, Rupert, in fear I guess, offered Batman some of the loot money. “I’ll give you 30/70, 70 being me.” And Batman steps closer. “40/60?” Closer. “50/50!” Well, Batman is close, so Rupert runs and jumps out this window, lands on this slanted fruit-stand roof-looking thing, and onto another roof.

Thinking he got away from the Bat, he moves to run off, but there is Batman right in front of him. Okay, I was kind of changing Plus and watching the show, so since there was nothing that interested me, I went to wash my hands real quick. I listened and heard Commissioner Gordon say something about Batman. And then I came back, and I may mix up these next two scenes, but I think the next scene was Bruce Wayne coming home and parking the Batmobile (this version sucks. It’s all about the car, and this car was nerdy.) in the cave. And Alfred had a cake with three candles.

Bruce: My birthday isn’t until October.

And then Alfred said something about an anniversary (wow, another one...). This would mark the third year since Bruce put on the Bat suit. Anyway, he tells Bruce to make a wish. Bruce is silent, Alfred knows. “I wish they [his parents] were here too, sir.” And the Bruce blew out the candles.

Next scene (note: I may be mixing this scene and the previous one) was the police station where this cop was given a new partner. Just randomly, the cop was a black mal and his new partner was this Asian-American looking female. Just thought I’d describe them. Their case? Locate Batman and arrest him. (This could be another misplaced scene…) And then it’s back to the cave, where Alfred is giving Bruce this device that goes off when trouble’s afoot.

Arkham Asylum. There is a security guard going down the line, “This inmate in his cell, this inmate in his cell, Cell #208(?) vacant...” But then he realizes there is someone in there, so being the classic idiot, he goes inside to inspect. Yes, indeed, folks, there is something lurking in the shadows. You cannot see his face, but you can see this yellow-brown tunic-thing and long (think straight jacket long) purple sleeves with weird dark purple designs on them. There are also red eyes peeking from the darkness. It is the Joker, in his new form and new outfit (and he looks his best when you can’s really see his face :p). He says something and comes to the security guard.

“My card,” he says (possibly his best pun in the whole show in my opinion), and hands the guard a Joker card (which looks pretty cool considering the new design. In the old series [my opinion], J looked better in person than on the card. Now it is vice-versa), before he hits him with laughing gas and run out of the room. I think he freed all the inmates afterward, because they were roaming the place, which led to a police phone call.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne was at a basketball game (I think he looks kinda cute. ;)) with these two girls, and something in his pocket rings. It’s the Bat-alert-thing that Alfred gave him earlier. And so he leaves. And this was being filmed on the news and the camera caught his empty seat. They just assumed he was getting a hot dog or something.

Arkham Asylum again (Why am I cursed with alliteration?). There is the huge jack-in-box on this bridge leading across this river to the asylum. When they arrive, the handle begins to turn. “All around the cobbler’s bench the monkey chased the weasel...” Okay, so it was just music with no lyrics, but you get it. “The monkey thought ‘twas all in fun----BOOM! ...goes the weasel.” haha. And half the bridge is gone, trapping police on one side. The cop team comes over, and the woman, who has no patience, jumps into the river and swims.

“New partner,” says the black man, and jumps in after her, and they swim to the asylum. Meanwhile, Batman is in the asylum and has found the Joker in that one cell. They fight for a bit, and Batman grabs his collar and wipes his face, trying to see who is hiding under the make up. Joker grabs his hand and helps him rub.

“It doesn’t come off. It’s perma-clown!”

Okay, that was one of the lamest puns I have ever heard...so anyway, Joker and Batman fight, and Joker keeps jumping back whenever Batman throws a punch, and is saying stuff along the lines of: “You can’t throw me in the loony bin when I’m already here” and “My old hideout is in shambles at the moment.” Yeah, something like that. In the fight, Batman tore the Joker’s long sleeves, so they were the normal wrist length instead of straight jacket length. Nd Joker used his trick cards on Batman. There was this slow-motion scene of Batman bending way back to narrowly miss getting hit by four cards at once.

...Long story short, the Joker got away (and he was quick in movement, and his bare feet helped him. Turbo and Squish [who were watching with me] nicknamed him “Monkey” because of how he moved) and Batman found the guard he killed earlier. So Batman moves to get out of the asylum, and the black guard sees him. Batman throws a Batarang/grappling rope and swings, holding the hostage, into the moon and out of sight.

So anyway, Batman brings the guy to the cave and Alfred does what he can to help. Next morning the black cop pays a visit to Wayne Manor. Turns out he and Bruce are close friends, and the cop was telling Bruce how he hated having to go after Batman. He felt Batman was fighting for good, but the cops put him on the wrong side of the law. Of course Wayne agrees to this...

So anyway, later he checks up on that one guy, and knows he’s going to have to make an antidote for the Joker’s laughing gas. And then he’s going into memories of his fight with the Joker, especially the part where he’s talking about his hideout. “It’s in shambles, it’s a bit broken down at the moment...” (<---that might have been it). And then it hits him. If he can find the old hideout, he can find the gas, and if he can the gas, he can find the antidote. And so Bruce is thinking, “Where would a clown hide?”

Turns out the Joker is hiding in an old party shop. The top had what looked like a jester’s hat draped over it. So Batman goes in, has another fight with the Joker, who jumps into this basket and puts on aviator goggles. He then starts this giant hot air balloon off. That was the jester hat. It was a balloon that was very similar to his cards. And so the Joker is steering the balloon towards this statue with a sword on it. The plan? Pop the balloon (full of laughing gas, of course) on the statue’s sword and kill Gotham City.

But of course, Batman’s involved, uses this grappling thing to hook onto the basket and get into the balloon. He and the Joker fight, Batman and Joker each throw each other out once and get back in. Batman manages to just barely steer the thing away from the statue. He then manages to get the Joker to back off long enough for him to tie a rope to the basket and fire a grappling hook at the Batsub. The Batsub pulls the balloon down, the Joker jumps out with a parachute and is in the air for a little while. Batman puts this breathing thing in his mouth and jumps into the water. He pops the balloon underwater so the gas is wasted in the water, and gets some of the gas in a test tube for an antidote (not seen, but figured out later). The Joker finally comes down and falls into the water, curses Batman for ruining his plan, etc., etc. and gets turned in to the police while Batman gets away.

As Batman is driving, he contacts Alfred and tells him to move their patient out of the Batcave. “I have an antidote to whip up.”

And then it ends with a new security guard moving down the line of cells as he did before. But this time he kept his distance and when he got to cell #208(?), he was like “208(?)...now occupied. Check.” Something like that. And I think the Joker laughed. Or hew just smiled. Whatever. End episode.

My opinions afterwards: a lot remain the same, though the Joker’s voice actually was not too bad. It was not as deep as I thought it would be, and his laugh was kind of cool. I hated a ot of the new character designs, especially Batman and Joker, and the Batmobile! It is not a cool car anymore! This thing has “Nerd Bubble” written all over it! Erm...anyway, as far as designs, I did love how they made all the buildings and layouts, though the skies were kind of weird. The night sky was green. (In the words of HL: “Gotham’s got a smog problem.”) A few minor likes (some of which HL pointed out) were that at least they kicked off the series with a Joker episode. ^ ^ Yes, he is the most important villain. And that for the most part, the characters were kept in character (though the Joker sometimes resembled a wild animal---well, wilder than usual, anyway. Monkey. :p) Overall, I think this thing is okay for what it is. Probably two and a half stars out of five...maybe three...come on, you cannot beat the original series.

Moving on...when my parents got back, we celebrated Plus’s birthday. He got lots of toys, some clothes, and Bob the Builder shoes. We had cupcakes for cake, and then we all went to bed.

Sunday was normal. We went to church, and there were a few stories in some of the sacrament meeting talks that I loved and just have to share. (Let us leave my wild side, shall we? :p lol). Now note that both of these are true.

The first one (the talk being on “honesty”) took place in a college class room, med school as I learned later in the story. There was a huge test that everyone had to take. Just after the test had started, the professor had to leave. As soon as the door closed, papers ruffled as little cheat papers began to come out of pockets, backpacks, shirts, whatever. Now in the back was a young student who was working hard. He stood up and addressed the class.

“Look. I have a wife and three kids in an apartment nearby (I judge he was an older student, if you know what I mean. I worked hard to get here, and I will turn in the first one of you who cheats!”

His classmates seemed to think he was serious, and the little cheat papers disappeared almost as quickly as he came. And the outcome was that class was the largest that university ever had graduate.

The next story (this one is a bit more touching) was in a talk about faith. There was this little boy who was very sick. To help pay the bills, the family had to move to an apartment. Unfortunately, there was not enough money to pay for any of the medication or treatment this boy needed. His father said that only a miracle could save him. Now his little sister, Tess, wanted to help, so she pulled out a jar full of change and counted it. She counted it, three times, to make sure it was correct. She had $1.11.

While her parents were occupied with her brother, Tess sneaked out of the house and went to the drugstore six blocks away. When she arrived, the clerk was busy talking to another man, and was not exactly willing to pay attention to an eight-year-old girl. She tapped her foot, and let out the most disgusting snort to get his attention. It still didn’t work, so she banged the jar on the countertop. That got his attention.

“I want to buy a miracle.”
“I want to buy a miracle! My little brother is sick, and my dad says that only a miracle can save him, so I want to buy a miracle!”

I do not remember what he said, but it was something like, “We do not sell miracles here.”

Well, it turns out that the man he was talking to (a distant brother [-in-law]) was a doctor. He asked Tess what kind of miracle she needed. She said she did not know, but she would pay for it. He asked her how much she had.


The man smiled and said if she’d give it to him, he would see what he could do. Well, Tess paid him and took him home. Her parents were very surprised. The man inspected her brother and did what he could to help him. The boy lived and healed. The man’s service was free of charge. When her dad asked how much it was supposed to cost, Tess said, “$1.11.”

Is it not amazing what one’s faith can do? ;)

Later at home, it was quiet, so we played HeroClix. It was me and Bopie vs. Dad, Turbo, and Andy. They one, then Turbo and Andy went against me. I won. ^ ^ Bane took out Batman Aquaman took out Huntress and Robin. That left Joker and Harley with Clayface III, who had been beaten down well by Bane, so the Joker gave one good shot and he was out of the way, so again nobody beats my J-man. ^ ^ Well...when I actually win, anyway...everyone downstairs heard me cheering. My dad was like, “Nobody beats who? I think I did.” And I was like, “That’s my victory cry when I win! Well…depends on who I win with.” :p

And now moving on to today, where it was the same thing. Sort of. We have a Japanese exchange student named Iyumi who joined us in Aerobics today. She’s very sweet, but has more trouble than me (that says something) with all the exercises we do. But she’s nice (and also in my art class.). She likes to draw (^ ^), she has a sister and a brother, and she likes bananas. She did not eat breakfast this morning, so I gave her my banana from my lunch. Small sacrifice. Not like I ever really eat my lunch anyway...nah, it is more like a Capri Sun and a snack, then snack time again after school. Heck, breakfast and dinner are my two biggest meals of the day. :p

I did an extra credit lab in Chemistry (which I need to write up...), so if it is done tonight, I get thirty points, which will help my grade (a “C” currently. Well...that one assignment was a bit incomplete...but I had a lot of work from other classes that week too. :p That and my teacher has to re-grade my test because the computer for some reason counted a lot of my correct answers incorrect, and I was thinking, ‘No way I missed that many in a SCIENCE test…’)

Kev gave me a cookie today. ^ ^ He is getting one tomorrow. Shock1 seems to be getting back with Kyle (friends.) I am watching them. I scent danger. I do not care for him, and I do not like that her mother lets her and Kyle stay downstairs alone. When I am not there to smack him if he acts inappropriately. As I was walking home with her after school, I brought this up and she said, “It is no one’s business if we get back together or not.” I told her I was concerned. I did not say much after that. There was nothing to say. I feel a little hurt that she said that, especially when we both know what he is capable of. Oi. I am in Ivy’s position again. Not fun. But anyway...nothing else going on here. I am going.

-HQ and N

^ ^

Today was just awesome! I got through a day without an taunts or need to put anyone in line. ^ ^ Kev gave me a cookie during our fifteen minutes break (Aww! ^ ^), and I have no homework from today's classes.

Lnch was fun. Kev came over to the hill (he normally eats with his friends), which was very cool. We ate (I forgot my lunch; he shared. He is getting a cookie tomorrow), and then I took his arm and leaned against him, and we spent the rest of the time reading from my Batman: Rogues Gallery book ("My Boyfriend's Back" ^ ^).

German was nice. Ms. Fischer was at a funeral today (*sniff*), but we got to watch a movie. We watched Hercules. Auf Deutsch. ;) I wrote out ten phrases in German (when we watch any movie in German, we have to listen for dialgue we recognize and translate it) very early in the movie, so I was able to fill out my learning log thing and spend the rest of the time with my eyes glued to the screen. A lot of the voices were very good and similar to the ones in English, which pleased me very much.

Even when it was over, we had ten-fifteen minutes left before school got out, so I spent the rest of the hour sketching in my notebook. And I found a really great design for Nightmare's Ace f Spades outfit. It is awesome. My previous design was this long white turtle-neck thing with the spade symbol on the front. With thigh-high boots (of course) and long gloves. Now it is a V-neck (which fits her better), with the card logo on the front. She has kept her boots and gloves, but now it had a cloak and a really cool mask. Yes, the things I do out of boredom... ;)

Okay...that was fun, but for now...toodles!

-HQ and N